OVO designer furniture and lifestyle products.

Hong Kong Family

In a stunning showroom located deep in the heart of Hong Kong’s bustling Wan Chai district, OVO, Hong Kong’s leading lifestyle store, displays its uniquely stylized furniture with a wonderful. eclectic mix of home ware accessories. Filling the shelves, the tables and walls, you’ll find everything from flamboyant cushion covers to earthy lamps, giant wooden sculptures to abstract glass vases, as well as an impressive display of original artwork.

Covering 930 sq m (10, 000 sq It), temptations are abundant; and the serene, sophisticated atmosphere merely odds to the excitement of there being so many beautiful things on offer.

Created in 2000 by a group of award· winning designers, OVO (the name is drown from the company’s motto, ‘Original and Vivid with a touch of Oriental beauty’) initially dedicated its brand name 10 their in-house designed furniture, which IS now considered some of the best in the city With a flair for refined, understated design, their modern concepts ore still inspired and influenced by a touch of Asian style and, as a result, OVO furniture is recognized for its sleek, simplistic design and exceptional quality.

Aligning itself with nature, there is a prominent use of natural materials such as stone, oak and cowhide, each stunning piece is available in varying fabrics and can be custom-made to suit your requirements. They include elegant L-shaped sofas, four ¬part tables that can be used independently or sculpted together, Chinese-style dining choirs and beautiful leather armchairs.

Regularly updating their designs OVO has a growing number of products including their recent essential’s line which, as the name suggests, is formed around the nation of peace and harmony in the home The luxurious choirs and unique, Asian-inspired coffee tables would certainly receive approval from any feng shui expert.

Now, alongside the success of their stylish furniture, the store encompasses a range of lifestyle goods, making OVO a reliable source for providing anything your home may lack. You can find bed linen, lighting, kitchenware, sculptures, paintings, CDs, books and spa products.

OVO Garden is dedicated to flowers, plants and spectacular vases. Using their expertise, you can be sure everything in OVO is beautifully designed and guaranteed to be of the best quality. And with a professional consultancy service to provide advice on the use of color and space in your home, you have the opportunity to create your very own oasis that will be as eye-catching as their Wan Chai showroom.

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