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Shanghai Tang Hong Kong

Brilliantly different with an instantly recognisable quality.

Using bold designs, luxurious materials and brilliant colors, Shanghai Tang has created a distinctive style that is recognized and admired around the world. Opened in 1994 as a small tailoring boutique in Hong Kong, China’s world-class luxury brand now operates outlets in the fashion capitals of London, Paris, New York and Tokyo as well as branches in Shanghai-the origin of its inspiration.

At its inception, Shanghai Tang offered a made-to-measure clothing service that clearly followed in the footsteps of the Shanghainese tailors of the 1930s. As the Cultural Revolution dampened the thirst for inventive fashion and the ancient art of qi pao making (with its painstaking attention to detail and craftsmanship dwindled, tailors turned their concentration to men’s suits. Today, employing the few specialists who remain, Shanghai Tang keeps the qipao in fashion, radically redesigning the snugfittlng dress to new heights of elegance.

Finding inspiration for all its clothes, homeware and accessory designs in Chinese culture, Shanghai Tong has teamed up with Hong Kong’s Schoeni Art Gallery for its latest collection ‘Chuang Yi’ themed on Chinese contemporary art Schoeni Art Gallery has introduced some of the country’s most eminent artists to the international arena and has collaborated with Shanghai Tang to issue a limited edition collection that includes a satin bag, a velvet Tang jacket, leather-bound photo album and porcelain plate created and signed by five important Chinese artists.

With collections changing every season, Shanghai Tang consistently designs with a dynamic and fearless approach to fashion. Using exquisite silks, velvets, cashmeres and linens alongside their trademark vibrant colors, each design is uniquely cut; brilliantly different with on instantly recognizable quality.

Famous for their elegant Chinese-style jackets and beautiful clothing line, Shanghai Tang also designs children’s wear, toys and accessories. In addition, a home ware series is available for those who wish to stomp their homes with Shanghai Tang’s exceptional sense of style and quirkiness.

Its Hong Kong flagship store is deemed by many as one of the most prestigious boutiques around. Its sense of extravagance and opulence sweeps the two floors. The sumptuous decor includes a dark wooden floor, Chinese art, bespoke wallpapers and vivid collections, all making for a stunning gallery. With smaller stores located in Pacific Place, The Peninsula Hotel, The Inter Continental Hotel and another two at the airport, very few visitors to Hong Kong will escape the lure of Shanghai Tang-It would be a real shame if they did.

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