Is TCM Safe for Children?

Hong Kong Family

“The core principles of Chinese medicine and nutrition involve creating and maintaining wellness through all the life stages, especially during the growing and transitional years of childhood,” explains Dr Karen Chen, TCM specialist at Shanghui Health TCM Center. The follow ing TCM treatments may be safely used with pediatric patients.

Acupuncture is used for children and adolescents with various conditions, including muscle pain or trauma, post-surgical pain, anxiety, insomnia, digestive problems, dermatological issues, hormone imbalances, and premenstrual symptoms. Shanghai Health uses specialized pediatric acupuncture needles for virtually pain-free treatment.

Tuina (massage therapy) is offered to children as an alternative to acupuncture. “We often teach parents how to do tuina massage for their kids at home to extend the positive effects of the treatment,” says Chen

Herbal medicines, teas and supplements can be used to treat many pediatric and adolescent conditions. A variety of herbs are used to make the medicinal remedies, and because TCM helps the body to increase its immune system, prescriptions may be changed every time a new course is given to minimize the chances of the body becoming dependant on the medicine.

Nutritional consultation for children is one of the most important areas in TCM. “What the body takes in will have a huge impact on health, now and later,” says Chen. TCM also addresses diabetes, obesity, allergies, and finicky eaters, and helps to manage and maintain good nutrition.

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